aerial view Melrose Commons

Our Mission

Nos Quedamos is a coalition of residents and business persons who have remained part of the Melrose Commons community and become equal partners with the City of New York in the area’s redevelopment. It is our intention to guide the process of change, progress, and implementation of the housing and urban development goals we defined in the Melrose Commons Urban Renewal Plan. Nos Quedamos views the urban renewal process as not only encompassing physical regeneration, but also addressing socio-economic and environmental conditions in the area. Our goal is to develop an economically productive, sustainable, and healthy community. This vision is one that respects, supports and involves the existing community in the formulation of plans and policies that address the issues of housing, open space, community renewal and its sustainability. This is vital for the continued growth of Melrose Commons, the Bronx and its role in the regional economy which fosters cohesion, growth, and responsibility. We believe that current members of the community must be afforded the opportunity not only to remain in the neighborhood as it undergoes renewal, but also to play an active and integral role in determining the very process of development.