Third Avenue South Bronx



Nos Quedamos provides the following services on-site for the community and the residents of its buildings:

Financial Literacy Tenants and members of the community are educated on a variety of financial issues: from the importance of having checking and savings accounts to ensuring the first steps of financial independence by paying bills on-time and not over extending their income. Homeownership counseling services are also provided. Due to the recent economic downturn, we have also started a Foreclosure Prevention Program, which seeks to aid homeowners from the Bronx to avoid foreclosure by changing their loan terms through either a loan modification or a refinance of their current mortgage.

Educational Services and Computer Lab Since there is not a library within the vicinity of Melrose Commons and the closest one only allows for one-hour intervals on its computers, Nos Quedamos plans to open a community computer lab center within its doors to provide residents with easier access to the internet and to programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. It is Nos Quedamos’ vision that this computer lab will greatly aid our young scholars with homework, research, and afterschool activities. It will also provide job seekers with a variety of tools for resume writing, printing, and online job searching.

Youth Promotion and Job Development Nos Quedamos is a firm believer in educating our youth and surrounding them with a variety of current cultural issues to help keep them on the right track towards a better future for both themselves and the overall community. Nos Quedamos is dedicated to encouraging kids and young adults to participate in sports, arts, health, environmental education, and cultural events.

Property Management Nos Quedamos offers in-site assistance to our buildings inhabitants concerning any issues within the residential areas. Residents can come up to our office and offer any suggestions and/or make specific complaints, which are resolved in timely manner directly from our front desk. This allows for a faster and more accurate response to any issues that may arise within our buildings.